Best foods for boosting brain and memory

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Why some foods help in boosting our brain and memory??
Some foods are so good that they help in boosting our brain and memory. I know sometimes, it is very difficult to remind some specific thing or focus on particular things. Children who are studying in school and colleges requires to have a sharp brain and memory. Even we adults also require to remember each and every thing and also to have focus in life.

These Best foods for boosting brain and memory will help us and our children to sharpen the memory. Have a look on these best foods list:

  1. Almonds – almonds helps in increasing blood flow to the brain.
  2. Walnut – walnuts are high in omega -3
  3. Pine nuts – pine nuts helps in stimulating the brain activity.
  4. Blueberries – blueberries help in improving learning and motor skills.
  5. Apple – apple help in powering food for the mind, body and emotions.
  6. Rock melon– Rock melon helps in supporting the brain.
  7. Watermelon – watermelon provides a high amount of vitamins and minerals and targets the brain function.

  8. Ginger – ginger has some inflammatory properties which may help in protecting from brain diseases.
  9. Brussels sprouts – Brussels sprouts have tryptophan which converts serotonin in the brain.
  10. Cauliflower – cauliflower helps in assisting in cleansing white matter of brain & spin.
  11. Broccoli – broccoli helps in assisting in proper brain functioning.
  12. Cabbage – intake of cruciferous may lower the risk of brain, lung, and prostate cancer.

Best foods for boosting brain and memory
These 12 Best foods for boosting brain and memory will help in improving and sharpening our focus and our learning skills.
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One thought on “Best foods for boosting brain and memory

  • June 22, 2018 at 8:38 am

    Almonds are extremely beneficial to improve memory skills and with several nutrients, it keeps brain power in check. Thanks for sharing this article.


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