No sew diy: Convert old long/medium skirt into kimono/jacket | reuse old clothes

This video is showing No sew diy: Convert old skirt into kimono/jacket | reuse old clothes

In this video, I am converting my old skirt into kimono or shrug, or cardigan or jacket.
I didn’t use sewing method for this diy video.

I didn’t use fabric glue or hot glue for this diy as well.
I use the normal fevicol which can be available at all Indian homes.
My kimono or shrug or cardigan came out so perfectly.
I use the belt of the skirt and add it to my kimono jacket which showcase me as i am wearing a top.
I paired it with my top and jeans.
This is the best way to reuse or recycle old skirts and convert them into something fashionable and stylish kimono / jacket/ shrug /cardigan.
I hope you like this upcycling fashion diy video and will subscribe to my channel learning process as i am coming up with so many diys and fashion diys videos very soon.

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