Salad decoration by fruits

Salad decoration by fruits

Salad decoration by fruits

Salad which is prepared by using only fruits. I have so many ideas But right now I am providing you with some simple and easy Salad decoration by fruits which can be prepared by you and your kids and help you in imagining about how your salad will look like after decoration.

Salad is mainly prepared by using different type of fruits and vegetables. We eat them along with our main dish at dinner or lunch. But sometimes we want to ignore them due to some personal reasons and even kids don’t want to eat them. If we decorate our salad in so many different ways, then we and our kids as well love to eat them and also may be they will help you in creating that decoration with you.

Fruit butterfly salad

Fruit butterfly salad
I named it as fruit butterfly salad because it is given a shape of butterfly and prepared by using different fruits like Kiwi, Grapes, Oranges, Strawberry, Cherry and apple.

Apple swan salad

apple swan salad
In this, half apple is sliced in 1 cm thin sheets and then arrange in the form of swan. You can use similar or different color apples for creating the swans.

Berry circle salad

berry circle salad
In this only 3 fruits are used- Kiwi , Strawberry and blue berry and they are arrange in simple circular form. You can use some other fruits as well like oranges instead of Kiwi and grapes instead of blue berries.

Small Peacock salad

small peacock salad
Pear is used for the body of peacock and grapes and blueberries are used for creating peacock like feathers. I called it small peacock because it looks like a baby peacock.

Peacock salad

peacock salad
It is shaped as peacock with feathers. It comprises of so many fruits like Kiwi, Strawberry, pineapple, apple and mango. Use your imagination to make it much for colourful and creative.

Orange Spider salad

orange spider salad
In this only orange is used for salad. The orange peel is used to create hands of spiders. Orange peel can be given any kind of cut for crating that spider effect.

Palm tree salad

palm tree salad
Simple and amazing palm tree salad is made by using banana, Kiwi and oranges. Your kids even can also be able to create that simple salad design.
I hope you enjoy all these amazing and awesome salad decorations and will be able to try at home with your kids as well.
If you really like it, check out some other salad decoration designs. Please comment and share your views.
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