Salad decoration

Salad is the most essential part of our food as we take them in our daily diet through lunch and dinner. Salad decoration can be done in so many different ways. You can create amazing and awesome Salad decoration by using just fruits like kiwi, oranges or apple or grapes and other fruits as well. Salad decoration with help of vegetable can also be done in which we can use cucumber, onion, tomato and so many other vegetables as well.

palm tree salad
Salad decoration can also be done by shaping the fruits and vegetable in some specific way. They can be shape as flowers like rose, or they can be shape as bird like the peacock. They can be given shape of so many different animal or birds. Dolphin, swan, butterfly, peacock or spider like animals shapes can be created by decorating the salad.

fish salad
Your spouse or your kids can help you in learning or creating such kind of amazing and diverse art of decorating salad. It can be very useful when guests are going to arrive at your home or you have thrown a party at your place.
salad boat

If you want to learn the art of decorating salad, then check out the link for decorating salad through fruits and vegetables.
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