Salad decoration with vegetables

Salad decoration with vegetables

Salad decoration by vegetables
We have variety of vegetables available for showing the art of decorating the salad. Salad decoration with vegetables can be done by using some available vegetable which you like and eat almost daily. I will help you in guiding by providing some amazing idea for decorating the salad by vegetables. Your guest and kids will enjoy your this kind of preparation.

Salad is mainly prepared by using different type of fruits and vegetables. We eat them along with our main dish at dinner or lunch. But sometimes we want to ignore them due to some personal reasons and even kids don’t want to eat them. If we decorate our salad in so many different ways, then we and our kids as well love to eat them and also may be they will help you in creating that decoration with you.

Fish salad

fish salad
Fish salad is really so easy to decorate and create. You will need radish, carrot and lettuce. Arrange the vegetable in a circular plate in the shape of fish as shown in the pic.

Peacock vegetable salad

peacock vegetable salad
Peacock vegetable salad is prepared by using tomato, olive and cucumber. They have given the shape of the feather of peacock and big cucumber piece is used for his head and nose is made by small piece of tomato.

Fruit and vegetable peacock salad

fruit and vegetable peacock salad
In this salad, so many fruits and vegetables are used such as cucumber, lettuce, onion, beetroot, corn, eggplant, carrot, radish, kiwi, orange and olive. Check the pic and you will get the complete idea of preparing it.

Tomato salad

tomato salad
Tomato salad can be prepared in removing the liquidy fluid from tomato. Bolied peas and corn can be placed in the empty space of tomato along with cottage cheese. Carrot can be used for dressing the plate.

Heart salad

heart salad
Heart salad requires cabbage, cucumber, tomato and eggplant. Arranging all the sliced cucumber in a heart shape and then placing the chopped cabbage in the heart. Eggplant is sliced to create a small hearts.

Mix capsicum salad

mix capsicum salad
Mix capcium salad is made by using all 3 types of capsicum along with cucumber, lettuce, asparagus, carrot and small tomatoes and given a shape of peacock.

Tomato cucumber salad

tomato cucumber salad
As from the name, you know what you want. Sliced cucumber and tomatoes will be arranged in circular way as shown in the pic.
I hope you enjoy all these amazing and awesome salad decorations and will be able to try at home with your kids as well.
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